Lyon College Piping Scholarship

Supports piping at Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas.

Scholarly Efforts:

Clan MacLeod Society Migration Project
An ongoing effort of Clan MacLeod Societies throughout
the world is to tell the story of the migration of the clan
from northwester Scotland to the far corners of the
world. Additional information is available on the
Genealogy Page of this website.

Clan MacLeod Society Migration Project
Book Collection:
The Foundation supports an extensive collection of books
of the Clan MacLeod Scottish History and related subjects
housed at the Taos PublicLibrary in Taos, NM. Many of
the books in this library are difficult to find and are
available through interlibrary loan. Additional
Information is available at:

The Ohio Scottish Arts School provides instruction

in Scottish music from first rate instructors.

Ohio Scottish Arts School - Piping Scholarship

in memory of Maud McLeod Gates.

Ohio Scottish Arts School -  Fiddling Scholarship

in memory of Guy McLeod

Ohio Scottish Arts School - Harping Scholarship 

Ohio Scottish Arts School - Drumming Scholarship

The Dunvegan Foundation supports many organizations on a recurring basis. Many of these projects are the result of specific
bequests for an endowed effort. These projects include:

These are two separate efforts supporting the
collections at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Additional information is available

St. Andrew's Presbyterian College Piping Scholarship

Supports piping at St. Andrew's Presbyterian College,
Laurinburg, North Carolina. 

Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library

This Library in Moultrie, Georgia, provides unique collection of genealogy information. Additional information is available at:

St. Thomas School Piping Scholarship and Scottish
Dance Scholarship.

Given in memory of Harry Myles McLeod. St. Thomas
Episcopal High School is located in Houston, TX.
Additional information is available at:

Library Projects

Old Dominion University

Foundation Archives

Old Dominion University

Dame Flora Collection