RVP, and Clan Awards Chairman, Franklin Wyatt presenting the 2017 winner of the Dame Flora MacLeod Piping Trophy to Nick Hudson

The "Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod Trophy for Open Piobaireachd" is presented to the best Open Piper in Piobaireachd at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina. The Trophy has been given out at the Games since 1969.

John N. MacLeod and Judy MacLeod have been outstanding, active, contributing members of Clan MacLeod for over 25 years. John has served as President of our Society, and is currently serving in roles within the Dunvegan Foundation.  Judy has been active on Clan Council for many years, in many roles.  These two amazing individuals have continuously shown love and devotion to Clan MacLeod in more ways than can be counted.  They have always selflessly stepped up to serve and support our Society in any way that they could. Always giving the best of themselves to all around them.  They are a passionate light that shines bright in the lives of all our members.  We could not be more blessed to have these two remarkable individuals with our Society.     

Dame Flora MacLeod Piping Trophy for the Open Piobaireachd:

Clans Person of the Year:

Clans Person of the Year is the most prestigious award given by the Clan MacLeod USA. This award goes to the Clan MacLeod USA member that has contributed greatly to the goals of the Clan. The award has existed since 1966, with only about
40 recipients, among the thousands of USA members. It is a privilege to honor the recipients of the “Clans Person of the Year” in the following page.

The recipient is selected yearly, through recommendations of the Clan Council and Past Presidents. Franklin Wyatt, as awards chairman polls the Council to select the recipient of "The Clans Person of the Year."

2017 Dame Flora MacLeod Piping Trophy Winner:

2017 Clans Persons of the Year John N. and Judy MacLeod