Ancestral research has become a very popular pastime. We hope to help Clan MacLeod members get a head start by giving
members access to resources, information and links needed to research ties to their ancient Scottish highland clan.


Clan MacLeod Society USA embodies a desire to preserve and perpetuate the traditions and heritage of Americans of Scottish
ancestry (principally MacLeods and Septs of MacLeods). The Migration Project is dedicated to tracing the movements of our
ancestors. We do not research for an individual, but can provide direction. All work done on the Migration Projects are by
volunteers. We hope members find these resources helpful.


World wide Clan MacLeod internet database called the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies Genealogical Resources Center is a
database collected by MacLeods and Septs of the Clan MacLeod. The information to support this database is primarily supplied
by the membership and other interested parties. After researching their ancestors, individuals submit their research to the
database to help other Clan members in their research. This site is supported by Andrew P. MacLeod  who is the ACMS Genealogist and
who primarily works with Scottish records and Annie McLeod Clan MacLeod USA Migration Director.

Clan MacLeod USA family history database uses the same server as the ACMS database. This is the same for the other National
Clan MacLeod Societies. The USA database has over 24,000 records (over 350 family groups). The information submitted is
not researched by the Clan and seldom contain documentation. So we do not guarantee accuracy. Those interested in further
information on a records or family should contact sources directly. This database is supported by Clan MacLeod USA Migration
Director, Annie McLeod. To submit information to the Migration Project fill out the Questionnaire / Form and send it to directly
to Annie McLeod.


Taos New Mexico library, Clan MacLeod Society, USA rare book collection. Books and periodicals relevant to the history of
the Clan. Books about genealogy, military, songs, history, locations in the highlands, clans and far more. This is a lending
library service. Proper lending library service procedure is to request the books through your local library, which will then be
requested from the Taos Public Library. Books will be mailed to the local library. The local library will then check them out to
the person requesting the service. This way the Taos Public Library will have records that the books were received and the local
library can track the individual for return. The curator of the rare book collection for the Clan MacLeod is Elizabeth McCaskill Bell

Direct all requests for lending library service to the below for more information on how to borrow a book:

Judith Bronner, Interlibrary
Loan Librarian
Taos Public Library
402 Camino de la Placita
Taos, New Mexico 875714
(505) 7583063
(505) 7372587 Fax


Old Dominion University Library includes minutes, proceedings, genealogical and business papers for the Clan MacLeod
USA. The University urges all potential researchers to telephone, write or email before visiting the Special Collection. This
enables the University to better meet your research needs. University contacts:

Old Dominion University
The Perry Library Special Collections
Norfolk, Virginia 23529026
(757) 683-4483
(757) 683-5954 Fax


The Migration Project is the name given to the many activities supported by the Clan MacLeod. There are Migration Projects which are worldwide in scope (maintained by ACMS) and Projects at a National Society level.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the genealogy section of this web site, please use the following links to e-mail the Migration Director of Clan MacLeod USA, Annie McLeod


Associated Clan Macleod Societies (ACMS) sponsored a world wide genetics study in conjunction with researchers at University College London. The study was designed to answer two questions: could individuals with the surname MacLeod be traced to a common ancestor who lived about the time of Leod, and was the tradition of a Viking origin of Clan MacLeod correct.  Over 500 MacLeods throughout the world participated in the study, which closed in January 2003.

Following the University College London study, a new genetics study was started through the commercial firm FamilyTreeDNA and was eventually split into two projects: the MacLeod Surname Study for male MacLeods (however spelled) and the MacLeod Septs Surname Study for males with any of the Sept surnames. Both of these studies are continuing, and welcome new participants. Information on the two studies may be found by clicking here for MacLeod
surname participants and selecting the button below for Sept surname participants. In addition to general information, both sites show current DNA results and have a link (Join Request) that will allow you to join the study and order tests at a reduced group rate.