The mission of the Dunvegan Foundation is:

"To preserve, protect and promote the unique heritage of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, as reflected through the history and migration of Clan MacLeod, by pooling our resources as a tax exempt organization, to enable the support of activities which further these goals"

It accomplishes this through its organization and operation as a tax exempt,
nonprofit organization, recognized under paragraph 501(c)(3) of the tax code by the Internal Revenue Service. This permits us to raise funds for a wide range of worthy projects.

It is managed by fifteen Trustees, appointed by the council of the Clan MacLeod Society, USA., at the Annual General Meeting
each year. The President of the Society serves as an additional Trustee, ex officio. It depends entirely on gifts expressly
intended for the Foundation. The Foundation is recognized as, and operates under different laws from those under which the
Society is incorporated.

To insure conformity with tax laws, the Trustees annually review proposed grants. When a grant has been accepted and
shown to be a public benefit, not just solely for the benefit of the Clan MacLeod, it will be considered for funding with other
acceptable proposals. Regular reports of activities are provided in the Society's national newsletter.

Contributions are regularly invited from Society members, as well as from others. Contributors are invited to give not only for
current needs and programs, but to provide for major gifts through deferred giving plans. Donors may specify that their gifts
be applied to specific projects or grants, applied to the endowment fund, or given to the general fund. Gifts may also be offered
to memorialize or to honor someone. Memorial notices are sent in such cases, and notices of receipt are always sent to
donors. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.