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In addition to memberships within families, separate memberships are available to youths

(up to 18 years of age), with annual dues less than that of an adult membership


Clan MacLeod attend many Highland Games where local Clan representatives have Membership Forms and will sign you up or renew your membership. If you would like to contact your local Clan MacLeod Representative look under the Regions Tab at the top of the page for their contact information.

A Credit Card or PayPal: Select the PayPal button select correct Billing button and pay by either Visa; Master Card, American Express, Discover, eCheck, or Paypal. (Note: all online payment include transaction fees.) Your information will be secured by using encryption software, fraud protection services by the PayPal website.

By Mail:  Simply print out a copy of the Membership Form, fill it out, and mail it with your payment to Clan MacLeod Society, USA, 3923 Rockwood Way #B, West Valley, Utah, 84120-6880


  • Anyone having the name of MacLeod (however spelled) and anyone directly by marriage or descent
  • Septs of the Clan MacLeod (however spelled) and anyone directly by marriage or descent
  • Friends of the Clan MacLeod

Clan MacLeod Society USA embodies a desire to preserve and perpetuate the traditions and heritage of Americans of Scottish ancestry (principally MacLeods and Septs of MacLeod). To further this heritage, the Society promotes cultural (e.g. piping and dancing) and educational (e.g. Gaelic scholarship, awards for excellence in competition, seminars, participations in gatherings and events (e.g. Highland Games, Festivals), two publications (a National and an International Newsletter), plus sustained library collections, meetings (the Annual General Meeting [AGM], Parliament) and internet web sites.  In addition to the above benefits for members, we offer wonderful camaraderie and an opportunity to form true family friendships throughout the world...particularly in your area. We are a nonprofit organization having  achieved the 501(c)(3) status.

Adult 1 Year (by mail)

Adult 1 Year (online with credit card) - includes transaction fees

Youth 1 Year (by mail)

Youth 1 Year (online with credit card) - includes transaction fees

Life - under the age of 30 (by mail)

Life - ages 30 - 49 (by mail)

Life - over the age of 50 (by mail)

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