Iona Community Dame Flora Scholarship

The Foundation funds a scholarship in memory of Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod at the religious community at Iona. The Iona community run 3 residential Centers on the Isle of Iona and on Mull in Scotland.

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In fulfilling its mission, the Dunvegan Foundation supports projects on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1976, on the death of Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, the Dunvegan Foundation assisted in the restoration of the Village Hall at Dunvegan in memory of this remarkable chief. Since then funding has been provided for the erection of historic markers on Skye, presentation of an organ to the Duirinish parish church, restoration of historic
gravesites, and a substantial endowment for the Iona Community, also in the name of Dame Flora.

Other member societies of the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies (ACMS) have established analogous organizations with similar goals. The Clan MacLeod Heritage Trust is a Scottish Charity established by the ACMS. By virtue of its location in Scotland, the Dunvegan Foundation has frequently used it as a conduit for funding projects in the United Kingdom. To do this the Foundation has obtained permission from the IRS to make such
transfers. All such transfers must be carried out under strict controls to assure contributors that donations go to the proper, charitable causes. The Canadian Societies have the Clan MacLeod Foundation of Canada and the New Zealand Society has the Dame Flora Scholarship Fund. The different tax codes of the countries involved make their operation very different, but all support the same general goals.

Historic Assynt Organization Ardvreck Castle Preservation Project

Historic Assynt is an organization dedicated to preservation of historic sites in Assynt, Sutherland, an area with long associations with the Clan MacLeod. Through their efforts, preservation of Ardvreck Castle, seat of the MacLeods of Assynt, has begun, and plans are underway for the restoration of the Old Parish Church at Inchnadamph, with the nearby burial vault of the MacLeods of Assynt. In 2003 the Dunvegan

Foundation made a grant to Historic Assynt in memory of Col. Bill MacLeod
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Duirnish Parish Church Music Fund

Duirnish Parish Church, located in the village of Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland is the longest running effort of the Foundation. The late Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod played the organ there for many years. The Dunvegan Foundation provided a new organ for the church and continues to fund the music program there in her memory.